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  • 特点:
  • 带有病房和设施的交互式医院地图;
  • 为病人、访客和工作人员为POI找路;
  • 谷歌地图应用中的实时逐向导航;
  • 预约医生或联系护士(视乎时间而定);
  • 根据病人或访客的需要个性化的基于位置的通知。
  • 预期的好处:
  • 显著减少病人、探访者和工作人员的时间消耗。
  • 为患者提供基于位置的警报帮助的信息交互。
  • 改善了病人和来访者的沟通和参与。
  • 提高了患者的安全性和满意度。

It is critical for hospitals to develop a management system that provides the best patient care within limited resources. An important aspect of this objective is to find ways to improve patient flow. Another task is to provide timely treatment and maximum utilization of available resources. People flows tracking through a collection of location-based analytics in hospitals is aimed to increase safety level and improve logistics processes.

  • Features:
  • “Visual” location-based analytics of patient traffic using heat maps and flow maps.
  • Monitoring of statistical parameters of patient traffic and bottlenecks identification.
  • Traffic segmentation on regular, transit and temporary visitors (without personalisation).
  • Appointment reservation with a doctor or contacting a nurse depending on their availability.
  • Automatic signalling in case of dangerous peaks in patient concentration.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Real-time monitoring of patient traffic to ensure quick reaction on changing conditions.
  • Analytics for optimization of internal logistics in hospitals.
  • Safety increase due to gradual improvement in flows management capabilities.

Emergency conditions may occur and change very fast, as a result, they require quickly informed actions. A route optimization among staff is an important issue for every hospital. Most of doctors consider route planning and optimization a vital part of their work. Healthcare navigation solutions allows optimizing the workflow to secure efficient route planning for all staff members. To meet high requirements and improve clinical processes, we have developed a hospital staff tracking system.

  • Features:
  • Interactive maps of hospital campuses with key elements and assets on them.
  • Wayfinding function with construction of routes to any asset according work assignments.
  • Real-time navigation at floor plans with the list of assignments.
  • Location based notifications regarding changing assignments.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Real time staff navigation and corrections of daily assignments.
  • Comprehensive tracking system of workload of hospital staff.
  • Optimization of logistics processes.

Lost and stolen equipment costs the healthcare industry millions of dollars each year. Optimisation of equipment tracking is a big challenge because of huge physical assets base that has to cope with high requirements. Asset tracking in hospitals helps to track their real-time availability that leads to operation efficiency improvement.

  • Features:
  • Real-time tracking of hospital assets position with key operation and maintenance parameters.
  • Hospital bed tracking system.
  • Creation and customisation of analytical reports by time, tracked objects or processes.
  • Aggregation of data on logistics process inefficiencies.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Real-time positioning of all valuable and business critical equipment.
  • Analytics for optimization of logistics processes inside hospital.
  • Operational efficiency increase due to gradual improvement in asset management.