General questions

What level of expertise is needed in order to set up the system?
The Navigine solution provides a very simple and intuitive tool that can be easily used by any person with basic computer skills.
How long does the process of implementing navigation into an app last?
Usually an implementation can be done within just a few days. Please check the process description in our manual
Does the localization work for both Android and iOS?
How many Bluetooth® LE Beacons are needed, and what is the price?
10 Bluetooth® LE Beacons for 1 000 square meters on average, the price usually varies from $15 to $25
What degree of accuracy does the technology provide?
When navigating on the basis of Bluetooth® LE beacons the reference point for accuracy is 1-3 meters. Accuracy improves in narrow corridors and deteriorates in open-spaces. When implementing tracking solutions, it is possible to provide an accuracy of 5-10 meters in the case of basic Bluetooth® LE-equipment, which can be improved to < 0.5 meter by leveraging more complex and expensive equipment
Who owns the data and how can it be used?
The data is owned by our customer, but we store it in our cloud server according to GDPR and may use to provide aggregated analytics. For more details please see .: Terms Conditions
How could I become a partner for Navigine and what are the possible options?
You may send us an e-mail to or fill out an application at contacts
    Partner formats that are available:
  • System integrators
  • Application development partners
  • Technological partners
  • Strategic partners
More information about the forms of partnership on partners page
Can I use Navigine outdoors?
Yes. We usually use GPS signals instead of Bluetooth® Low Energy beacons
Is Navigine working in underground environments?
Yes. Just like in any building

Technical Questions

Where do I get the floor plans drawings?
Owners or operators of the building in most cases can provide a digital floor plan. The Navigine platform may work with maps in .svg and .png formats
Where do I start off when I want to test the capabilities of the Navigine solution without creating my own app?
  • 1. Create your account at register page
  • 2. Add location and sublocation, upload the png or svg map as a picture.
  • 3. Draw routes and barriers according to video tutorial (starting from 1:00)
  • 4. Setup beacons
  • 5. Download Navigine demo app (AppStore or GooglePlay) and sign in with your account details.
  • 6. Upload the latest version of the location, go to Measuring Mode and place beacons according to deployment scheme
  • 7. When all beacons are setup and saved, check them up in your web account. If all of them are displayed correctly, go to Navigation mode at Navigine demo app to check the performance.
Where do I start off when I want to use the Navigine SDK in my own app ?
To start integrating the Navigine SDK into your application, pleaseo use manulas here link.
We need a specific feature.
Please contact us at or via contact form
Can Navigine solutions use Wi-Fi signals for positioning?
Yes. For Android devices
Does my mobile device need an active internet connection to determine the position?
No. Navigation can work offline. Enabled Bluetooth® and Location services are enough
How can I link beacons to a digital floor plan?
It is possible via mobile application: ... or web interface: ...
What are the supported devices?
Mobile SDK works on any device with the Android operating system version 4.3 and later and iOS version 7 and later (these devices include smartphones, smart watches, wristbands, glasses and other wearable devices)
Positioning doesn't work, why?
There may be several reasons for the incorrect installation of the system.
    Please check the following items:
  • 1. The smartphone has enabled Bluetooth® and Location services;
  • The smartphone is in the zone of visibility of at least 3 Bluetooth® LE beacons;
  • The latest version of the location is downloaded at Location Management page;
  • The layers on the location map are configured according to the instruction on link;
  • Beacons are setup with the correct frequency (350 ms) and the signal strength (TxPower = 3 for beacons).
  • If this did not work, please email us at

Project Questions

Can you help me with the Beacon setup at my venue?
We can help you with your setup and provide trainings for your staff if needed. Please contact us at
How can I get support when I need it?
We do offer support packages. If you need technical support during implementation steps of your app, while integrating our SDK, or if you are trying to finish a project on a deadline and need just-in-time support please contact us at

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Our Advantages

  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Technology and Hardware: Universal tracking solution
  • Precision: up to 0.1 feet accuracy of localisation
  • Solution proved over time: 10 year on the market with over 3000 buildings covered