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RTLS Warehouse Tracking System

Real-time tracking system for warehouses to keep control on the assets, vehicles and staff.

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For companies who manage warehouses, indoor positioning can be useful for tracking assets (pallet, forklift, container etc.), vehicles and staff location. It is important to have a tool for an accurate inventory check. It helps to minimize inefficiencies in the logistics process and reduce costs of operations. Warehouse managers who use forklift and pallet tracking solutions perform better with control and optimization of work processes as it markedly saves time and money in the logistics tasks.

Navigine provides the best integrated warehouse location system that include such key elements:

Warehouse Asset Tracking System

Get detailed information about the location of your assets in the warehouse: track your products, equipment, vehicles in real time, pallet and forklift. Information on assets motions is displayed in a special web interface. You can create and customize any analytical reports by time, tracked object or key logistics process. Warehouse assets tracking enables businesses to effectively automate and optimize operations (faster cargo location & delivery). And furthermore, it increases working procedure efficiency and sends smart notifications about unexpected situations or production risks.

  • Features:
  • Assets and vehicles tracking and traffic analytics.
  • Tracking of specific products.
  • The exact positioning of any asset.
  • Warehouse pallet tracking.
  • Forklift movement tracking.
  • Container tracking solutions.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Optimization of logistics business process.
  • Savings on staff and vehicle costs.
  • Protection against unauthorized access.
Staff Navigation and Scheduling

Staff Navigation from Navigine is an efficient and professional navigation solution for Logistics industry that registers and controls all indoor operations. Real-time indoor navigation in warehouse improves productivity and reduces risks at work. With a staff navigation and scheduling, it is easy to be aware of a quality of logistics processes and manage them effectively.

  • Features:
  • Warehouse employee location tracking.
  • Real-time correction of daily tasks.
  • Efficient management of working procedure.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Optimization of staff operations.
  • The immediate reaction on work process and safety protocol violations.
  • Simplified communication between warehouse staff members.

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