Noccela is one of the leading providers of UWB radio solutions and Navigine's key partner in the UWB domain. Noccela provide customers with digitalization and IoT solutions in response to their values and needs.

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Project Case


Navigine established a strong partner relations with Noccela team to provide off-the-shelf solution for precise tracking in complex environments.

Key Task

Noccela develops high-quality UWB-based IoT hardware, which is implemented together with Navigine's software in various location-powered scenarios.

Navigine Asset Tracking

Navigine Asset Tracking

Navigine Tracking Platform is an equipment tracking web-based platform and employee-monitoring systemthat allows to effectively address safety and workflow optimization issues.

The RTLS platform is a set of tools that developers can also apply to create web services for indoor asset tracking, employees, and vehicles.

Navigine provides comprehensive guidance during the installation and configuration of the real time asset tracking system, offers high-quality technical support and regular system updates.

Navigine Asset Tracking


  • Improved KPI assessment inside the manufacturing plant.
  • HR tracking in retail spaces to boost customer satisfaction.

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Our Advantages

  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Technology and Hardware: Universal tracking solution
  • Precision: up to 0.1 feet accuracy of localisation
  • Solution proved over time: 10 year on the market with over 3000 buildings covered