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Indoor navigation as a tool for creating “smart” office

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Navigine - Indoor navigation as a tool for creating “smart” office

Because of the current situation with Covid-19, enterprise managers have to start thinking about creating comfortable working conditions for the staff. More and more companies around the world are searching for possible ways of preventing Covid infection and ensuring staff safety in the long term. There are cases when social distancing or cleaning a workplace does not help to prevent the disease, thus, it is necessary to use more effective ways that allow keeping employees healthy. The problem can be partially solved by implementing smart office solutions which function based on IoT technologies, including indoor navigation and positioning systems.

“Smart” office solutions

The implementation of the smart office system into the company’s structure makes the work more comfortable and productive. Using indoor navigation, it’s possible to increase performance efficiency, achieve significant cost savings due to work process optimization, and control the workflow of persons.

Workflow monitoring

The system allows monitoring the occupancy of office spaces and tracking contacts for defining the chain of infection in case of detecting the sick. While using indoor navigation, one can easily identify the places where the sick person was and define who he contacted at work.

The technology solves the following tasks:

  • preventing contacts with the sick;
  • keeping social distancing;
  • timely notifying the staff on the risk of infection;
  • quick deployment of teams on cleaning and disinfecting premises.

Internal asset monitoring

Indoor navigation helps to build an interactive office map with the fixation of the office equipment location. If Low Energy Bluetooth beacons are attached to the existing assets, one can easily monitor their location on the premises. Beacons allow defining geo zones with asset locations on the plan to protect them from stealing. As soon as the equipment is moved outside the defined area, the system automatically starts generating alerts. Indoor positioning provides possibilities for creating and setting analytical reports on controlled assets, time, and key processes. Such an approach increases safety and asset security decreases the number of thefts and emergencies.

Navigine SDK

Professional real-time Indoor Positioning solutions for mobile apps.


Convenient navigation around big premises and offices

In big office buildings, it’s easy to get lost and miss negotiations or important meetings. Convenient navigation using the mobile application helps easily find points of interest depending on the staff or visitors’ needs. Internal routes work both for big spaces and multi-building complexes. In combination with digital maps, they solve many important tasks – from leading a visitor to the necessary conference hall to assisting employees in searching each other in the office.

Simplified system of interaction with colleagues with no direct contact

Modern concepts of working space require the smooth functioning of the office but, in conditions of Covid-19, it’s important to maintain such activity with no direct contact between colleagues. Indoor navigation in the office building allows keeping the distance and performing various functions at the same time, such as:

  • sending the data on location;
  • tracking room occupancy;
  • defining possibilities of accommodation in spaces (conference halls, meeting rooms, etc.);
  • identifying room potential for optimization;
  • managing visitors and invitations via push notifications.

‘Smart’ office advantages

The ‘smart’ office has many advantages for both employees and business owners.

Advantages for the staff

The ‘smart’ office lets employees move easily between rooms. Using the navigation, an employee can quickly find a free room in the central working space or book a conference hall in real-time.

Advantages for business owners

For business owners, the navigation solution has the following benefits:

  • monitoring working processes in the office;
  • improving the office performance based on real data;
  • getting behavioral analytics that allows optimizing working places for meeting user expectations;
  • monitoring room occupancy for preventing close contact between employees.

Navigine specializes in developing functional tools of indoor navigation and provides effective solutions for indoor positioning in offices and tracking smart office assets. We are ready to offer our partners advanced solutions for optimizing office spaces based on defining location.

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