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Indoor Positioning and Asset Tracking for Sustainable Future

Navigine - Indoor Positioning and Asset Tracking for Sustainable Future
10 Feb 2023 15 min


Last update 10 FEB 2023

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Modern enterprises pay more attention to mitigating environmental impacts by implementing various technologies that can effectively improve energy saving especially in such industrial scenarios as heavy manufacturing plants, logistics, construction sites and many others. The scope of development of modern industrial production and logistics system makes real-time monitoring of all visible and tangible assets a very important solution to be implemented in the infrastructure of enterprises. Aggregating and analyzing data is also a key to leading plants, warehouses and other facilities to the new sustainable world. 

What is Sustainable Development and ESG?

Sustainable Development is a principle that aims to minimize the environmental footprint of industries while maintaining economic growth, social advancement and quality of life. Usually, when it comes to industrial sustainability, we highlight three directions which we need to focus on: resource efficiency, pollution control and people safety. All these directions can be taken on by using various location-powered technologies, like solutions of indoor positioning and asset tracking which can greatly enhance the processes of operational management and resource saving. 

Sustainable Development ensures that all resources that are used in various industrial scenarios are used efficiently without damaging the environment, while paying attention to the safety of personnel. 

One of the related terms here is ESG, which stands for Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance. It is a framework, which is designed to be embedded into an organization’s corporate strategy and includes three main dimensions, related to Sustainable Development:

  • Environmental dimension, related to reduction of gas emissions, energy efficiency and pollution;
  • Social dimension, related to employee’s work safety, enhancing of customer satisfaction and humanitarian support;
  • Governance dimension, related to creating an effective management strategy, achieving employee satisfaction and preventing incidents of corruption, bribery.

How can technologies of indoor positioning and asset tracking help the industries to ensure Sustainable Development?

Considering that modern industrial and logistics enterprises sometimes have to manage hundreds of thousands of different physical assets which can potentially end up as an environment-damaging waste, we should rethink our understanding of asset management not only for monitoring their movement and preventing their loss or theft, but for mitigating our impact on the environment. 

All assets have their own lifecycle and storage/usage time which are sometimes difficult to manage, especially if your enterprise has tons of different objects, equipment to be monitored in real-time. Here the special systems of asset tracking can help enterprises effectively manage them by:

  • Effectively monitoring their movement indoor and outdoor on the territory of the facility;
  • Reducing unplanned downtime of equipment, vehicles and other assets by implementing comprehensive data analytics on their work time;
  • Extending lifetime of assets by controlling the performance and planned checking of their condition;
  • Reducing overall fuel consumption with indoor positioning by providing features of route optimization for equipment and vehicles;
  • Controlling the environmental impact made by usage of physical assets;
  • Reducing unneeded labor and improving maintenance with optimized scheduling; 
  • Reducing operational and energy costs for usage of equipment and other assets. 

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Navigine and Sustainable Development

Navigine is focused on creating products and solutions that cater to the needs of Sustainable Development, providing benefits for industries on the road to the sustainable future. Creating “sustainable” values is becoming a competitive advantage in the domains of indoor positioning and asset tracking. Adopting universally followed principles of sustainable development also helps Navigine to rethink our understanding of location-powered solutions.

Navigine creates the solutions of indoor navigation and asset tracking which are also used for creating “sustainable” values in various industrial applications, such as:

  • Smart Warehouses;
  • Smart Industrial Campuses;
  • Smart Retail;
  • Smart Healthcare. 

Navigine Asset Tracking Platform helps enterprises and government organizations to optimize processes of resource management, emissions control and people safety at work. By using the solution, enterprises can effectively monitor usage of all physical assets inside facilities, reducing unplanned downtime of equipment, controlling the performance and checking assets’ conditions in real time. 

Asset tracking solution
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The solution allows enterprises to create interactive maps of their facilities, enabling them to monitor the movement and performance of each and every asset, as well as providing tools for advanced alerting and comprehensive location-based analytics. The detailed analysis of asset movement allows managers to take right management decisions. IoT in manufacturing enables gathering information of any kind – from the history of vehicle movements to the fixation of the time spent in certain zones.

The traffic analysis makes it possible to improve labor safety at enterprises, reduce the number of emergencies, and prevent the misuse of special vehicles. Thanks to ongoing monitoring, the management can improve the performance and optimize the internal logistics.

More and more industrial enterprises are switching to smart manufacturing. The concept of Industry 4.0 makes it possible to reconfigure factories to decentralized management and ensure the production of any volumes of goods in the most cost-effective manner. 

Thus, Navigine Asset Tracking System can provide these benefits for enterprises in terms of Sustainable Development:

  • The system allows to effectively monitor the movement and performance of all physical assets in real-time - thus managers can optimize resource saving and reduce fuel consumption in the facilities; 
  • Thanks to advanced reporting and alerting, managers can get hold of all physical assets and quickly react to emergencies and breakdowns;
  • The system helps managers monitor movement of personnel in real-time and react to injuries and other incidents (SOS, mandowns etc.) that can happen to them on production and construction sites, especially in hazardous areas;
  • The system can help managers optimize business and production processes by implementing comprehensive analytics to improve personnel scheduling and reduce time of production.

Navigine Tracking is an equipment tracking web-based platform and employee-monitoring system that effectively addresses safety and workflow optimization. The RTLS platform is a set of tools that developers can also apply to create web services for indoor asset tracking, employees, and vehicles. Navigine provides detailed recommendations about the installation and configuration of the real time asset tracking system, offers high-quality technical support and regular system updates. 

Navigine Tracking is a great tool for optimizing work safety and energy efficiency, which makes it one of the most effective instruments to achieve Sustainability in various industrial scenarios. If you are interested in achieving Sustainability in your enterprise, feel free to contact our managers and discuss Sustainable Development. You can also check how Navigine Tracking works by checking out Online Demo, operating in a real-time. 

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