Navigine Platform

Comprehensive Indoor Positioning Platform for multiple use cases and industry verticals

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Navigine Platform provides development tools for mobile developers and system integrators for creating indoor navigation and tracking services. Our indoor positioning platform empowers technology partners to build mobile and web applications that leverage indoor navigation, marketing, analytics and tracking functions.

Using Navigine Platform you will get technical support, installation and setup manuals, free software updates and everything you need for a successful and continuous work of your application.

Navigine Indoor

Mobile applications powered by Navigine Indoor SDK help visitors to easily navigate inside any buildings with 1-3 meters accuracy. This technology uses external infrastructure as well as internal smartphone sensors and also leverages floor plan features and human motion models.


  • Web panel to upload floor plans and create interactive maps with layers of routes, walls, points of interest and beacons.
  • Real-time turn-by-turn navigation on interactive maps in mobile interface.
  • Routing to any point on an interactive map or to any point of interest.

Navigine Marketing

As a part of Mobile Platform, Navigine Marketing was developed to help technology partners to implement proximity marketing: to place and manage push notifications in mobile applications using iBeacon technology. Convenient content management system enables easy creation and management of marketing campaigns. Navigine proximity marketing SDK integrated in mobile apps interacts with beacons and triggers specific actions based on the user's location.


  • Content management system to upload and manage marketing campaigns.
  • Advanced tools to setup location and other parameters of push notifications.
  • Mobile SDK to send push notifications via any mobile app at iOS/Android.

Navigine Analytics

Navigine provides location analytics platform enabling developers to collect precise user location data in real time using BLE/Wi-Fi. The advantage of using location-based analytics is a deep understanding of users' or objects' motion and actions on the indoor map. Collected location data could be displayed in multiple analytical layers or can be accessed via API.


  • Mobile SDK for iOs/Android to collect precise location data.
  • Business Intelligence tool to display tracks in real-time and historically, heat maps, multiple statistical layers on attendance, statistics by zones.
  • Convenient API to access raw location data and analytical layers.

Navigine Tracking

Real-time location tracking Platform from Navigine is a set of tools for developers and integrators to create web services for visitors, staff, vehicles and assets tracking using BLE/Wi-Fi/UWB technologies. Our web-interface/API of indoor location tracking system can adjust for developers needs and includes such modules: traffic monitoring, zone tracking and motion tracking.


  • Mobile SDK enabling real-time tracking that integrates in any mobile app.
  • Business Intelligence tool to track people or objects in real-time or obtain aggregated analytics.
  • Convenient API to access raw location data and analytical layers.

How It Works?

Navigine has developed proprietary algorithms to build smart and easy-to-use tools for technology partners' needs. We have found a perfect way of fusing together our mathematical models and all technologies available in modern smartphones:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • inertial sensors
  • odometry data

The implemented SLAM (Simultaneous localization and mapping) algorithms are intended to continuously improve positioning accuracy over time and keep radio frequency maps up to date through user data crowdsourcing. Our SDK and API gives an ability to integrate Navigine Platform into any apps in a matter of days and achieve the best possible accuracy.

Our Advantages

One of the best Total Cost of Ownership via proprietary algorithms that require less infrastructure and provide better accuracy.

Quick and simple roll out of navigation and tracking services in any building or complex environment - up to 20000 sq.m. per man-day.

Easy and convenient integration of the platform with external IT solutions including SAP, IBM, Microsoft, Yandex

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