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  • 特点:
  • 员工实时上门导航;
  • 前往任何办公室或会议室;
  • 基于位置的提示和通知;
  • 预期的好处:
  • 工作时间优化
  • 定位为创新的高级办公室。
  • 改善员工的舒适度。

Another Navigine solution is the real time staff tracking system inside offices. This may be valuable for companies and enterprises with high people traffic: trainees, part-time employees, customers and partners. Using small Bluetooth tags (badges for employees) and Bluetooth locators inside building colleagues have an opportunity to share their location with colleagues. Such comprehensive staff tracking system allows to monitor the location of workers, coordinate their work and if necessary, delegate responsibilities and tasks.

  • Features:
  • real-time tracking of staff in web interface;
  • alerts on pre-defined activities and situations;
  • “find a colleague” function in a mobile interface.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Security level improvement.
  • Improvement of internal business processes.
  • A unified system to connect all employees in the building.

Improvement of office operational efficiency and visitors experience at office spaces is not as easy as it seems to be. This requires indoor location data that offers a valuable information of operational activity. With iBeacon technology, it is possible to receive data of the positions of staff and objects in real time and leverage it to improve an efficiency of the office. As well it is possible to integrate location data with office security systems to control people flow and improve emergency response. Moreover, Navigine provides an integration with heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems to optimize environmental parameters and power consumption.

  • Features:
  • continuous collection of foot traffic data;
  • data transfer to adjacent systems;
  • integration with existing office systems;
  • Expected benefits:
  • Optimization of internal logistics.
  • Office systems optimization.
  • Reduction of power consumption.


探索室内定位和跟踪的力量 - 立即联系我们!


  • 快速、轻松的部署
  • 技术和硬件:通用跟踪解决方案
  • 精度:定位精度高达 0.1 英尺
  • 解决方案经过时间验证:上市 10 年,覆盖 3000 多栋建筑