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Office mapping software to manage internal business processes in a diverse office space and environment.

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Companies that use large office spaces with multiple meeting rooms often face problems related to complicated topology. Considering that an office is a big system, which influences not only the workflow of an employee but also all business processes of an enterprise, the demand for office navigation has grown significantly recently.

By employing technologies of Internet of Things (IoT), an enterprise can create a comfortable environment for work and save employees’ resources, thus contributing to the overall performance.

Navigine creates location-based solutions which are the foundation for developing a company’s working space into Smart Office. Our office mapping software provides such functions as office wayfinding, asset and personnel tracking, a meeting room booking system, an employee evacuation platform and many others.  

office mapping software
Create a happy work environment
Employee satisfaction is a key to an enterprise's success. By employing RTLS technologies enterprises can improve the working conditions of employees, digitalizing business processes and providing indoor office wayfinding, room bookings, information on transportation schedules etc.
Improve area management
Understanding how employees and service personnel move around the office can help enterprises in optimizing working resources and resolving all issues, related to energy costs, network conditions, and workplace climate control.
Get hold of valuables
There are a lot of valuable devices and equipment that can be lost or stolen in offices. With an asset tracking system, office staff can easily monitor the location of all valuables and also get relevant information, such as device number, purchase date, and many other useful data
Solve safety-related issues
By employing RTLS technologies, enterprises can create situation awareness, detect security-related challenges, and create special heat maps of indoor movement. RTLS-powered systems can contribute to mitigating risks to public safety and health
Indoor Mapping and Asset Tracking in Offices
  • Office Wayfinding
  • Office Asset Tracking System
  • Staff tracking system
  • Foot Traffic Analytics

Office Wayfinding

Navigation in large office buildings can cause many difficulties. Due to the great number of offices, halls, and floors, visitors can be easily lost and waste much time searching for the required building or room. In such situations, companies can use interactive maps of offices. Modern technologies ensure convenient navigation inside business centers and significantly improve client and visitor loyalty. Few know that the lack of proper navigation in the office may result in a 15% reduction in productivity. For this reason, Navigine has developed office mapping software that is aimed to help people better navigate in offices and complex building structures. With Navigine Platform you can create a convenient employee engagement mobile app that will be an additional value for your staff and new visitors. 

  • Features:
  • real-time door-to-door indoor navigation;
  • routing to any office or conference room;
  • location-based hints and notifications;
  • office space occupancy monitoring;
  • office wayfinding.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Employee workflow optimization by digitalizing indoor wayfinding
    Integration of indoor positioning solution into Smart Office projects
    Significant improvement of employee satisfaction with working conditions

Office Asset Tracking System

Many enterprises are employing special tracking systems to monitor equipment and devices. Thus, they can not only ensure the safety of working spaces but also obtain a good asset for analytics to optimize area management and employee workflow. Employers can use this data to  make changes in office energy consumption, greatly saving on OPEX. It is also a great tool to keep offices safe, mitigate risks, related to stealing of equipment, and promote employee transparency and motivation at the same time. 

See how the tracking system works with our demo.

  • Features:
  • real-time asset tracking;
  • device and equipment tracking;
  • creation and customization of analytical reports on equipment/device movement;
  • safety system optimization.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Real-time monitoring of all valuable equipment and creating personnel movement heat maps
    Understanding how your equipment/devices are used by employing comprehensive data analytics
    No more wasting time on long processes of asset inventory
    Power consumption optimization

Staff tracking system

Another Navigine solution is the real-time staff and assets tracking system inside offices. This may be valuable for companies and enterprises with high people traffic: trainees, part-time employees, customers, and partners. Using small Bluetooth® tags (badges for employees) and Bluetooth® locators inside the building colleagues have an opportunity to share their location with colleagues. Such a comprehensive staff tracking system allows one to monitor the location of workers, coordinate their work, control workflow and if necessary, delegate responsibilities and tasks. It also can be a great tool for comprehensive analytics to determine the performance of their employees and create an environment of workflow transparency. 

  • Features:
  • real-time tracking of staff in a web interface;
  • alerts on pre-defined activities and situations;
  • “find a colleague” function in a mobile interface.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Employee workflow optimization by building an environment of workflow transparency
    Mitigating security-related issues by monitoring all movement inside the office building
    Implementing a smart connectivity system between all employees

Foot Traffic Analytics

Improvement of office operational efficiency and visitors' experience in office spaces is not as easy as it seems to be. This requires indoor location data that offers valuable information on operational activity. With iBeacon technology, it is possible to receive data on the positions of staff and objects in real time and leverage it to improve the efficiency of the office. As well it is also possible to integrate location data with office security systems to control people flow and improve emergency response. Moreover, Navigine provides an integration with heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems to optimize environmental parameters and power consumption.

  • Features:
  • continuous collection of foot traffic data;
  • data transfer to adjacent systems;
  • integration with existing office systems;
  • floor plan mapping app.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Comprehensive analytics on all internal movement inside office buildings
    Mitigating security-related issues and challenges
    Optimization and digitalization of all location-based internal processes
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Example of Implementation

Office mapping software

Case brief: office mapping software for easy indoor navigation of staff and visitors

Area of coverage: 3,000 s.m.

Functionality: office wayfinding, monitoring office workers, social distancing monitoring.

Number of tracked objects: 100

Results: increasing the efficiency and productivity of the company's employees

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