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Navigine - indoor Positioning System Companies

We have developed a comprehensive software platform for precise indoor positioning and tracking

Navigine is a global provider of integrated positioning technologies that enable advanced wayfinding and tracking solutions, with over 500 implementations worldwide. We assist developers and system integrators to create mobile apps and integrated enterprise systems for people navigation as well as asset and vehicle tracking. We deliver an indoor positioning and analytics platform with one of the best total costs of ownership for our technology partners.

Navigine is continuously performing R&D activities to stay on the technology edge and develop new products with large potential and rapid scalability.

milestones in our history


  • Navigine Incorporated in Delaware, USA
  • Pre-seed round from Starta Capital and business angels


  • 1st Seed round from AYR Ventures
  • Sales office in Berlin is established


  • 2nd Seed round from Innovestor, John Ason and business angels syndicate
  • Navigine moved headquarter to New York
  • Joined Healthbox Accelerator in Los Angeles


  • Growth stage round from Innovestor, John Ason and private investors
  • Scaling in the USA and European markets


  • Moved to a new spacious office
  • Navigine expanded a local team in Berlin
  • Launched a large scalable project on industrial enterprises


  • Organized own meetups in Berlin
  • Navigine has been cited as one of the key vendors research study named as “Global Location-Based Services and Real-Time Location Systems Market”


  • Developed a new solution for measuring social distance
  • Signed a cooperation agreement with new partners
  • Updated Navigine mobile application (IOS and Android)


  • Launched an open source project
  • Significant update of Navigine SDK

our vision

Mass implementation of the global navigation satellite systems GPS/GLONASS within the last 30 years has led to reinvention of basic geolocation services such as navigation, positioning, geoplanning, routing, and tracking.

We believe that integrated location-based services, which combine capabilities of precise outdoor/indoor navigation and location tracking will dramatically affect customer experience and business processes in Retail, Transportation, Healthcare, and Real Estate in the next few years.

Our mission is to deliver the best-in-class tools to create functional, effective, and affordable location solutions for any environment.

our team

Our team brings together the brightest minds in the field of integrated inertial/satellite navigation. We are working together to solve the challenge of indoor navigation. With decades of direct experience and knowledge in the integration of indoor navigation technology in multiple business verticals Navigine team is working hard to make our mission a reality.


Alexey Panyov


PhD in Physics and Maths at Moscow State University, 10+ scientific articles, 10+ years of experience in special software development of navigation systems for aircraft, underwater, underground moving objects and vehicles.



Chief Commercial Officer



Chief Marketing Officer



Chief Technical Officer

Our Customers

A unique tablet application based on the Navigine SDK that drives sales at supermarkets and improves the grocery shopping experience for customers.
Great Advertising group
A marketing campaign for a beverage company that allowed skaters to draw pictures by having their movements tracked on an ice rink in Moscow using RTLS by Navigine.
Technopark Skolkovo
Indoor navigation system for innovation center Technopark Skolkovo. Navigine SDK is integrated to provide participants with indoor navigation also to collected foot traffic analytics to understand the majority of roads that are in demand.
Armoury Chamber
A multimedia application for Moscow Kremlin Museum - Armoury Chamber. It provides the map of the museum, automatic navigation through the halls, audio guide and interactive content.
Deliver (iCanDeliver)
Mobile application to order cargo transportation without unnecessary intermediaries and overpayments. Navigine SDK is integrated to collect data that is used to optimize the company's business processes.
The Kunstkamera
Interactive museum app leveraging iBeacon technology. Indoor navigation allows visitors to get explicit information about showpieces with outstanding accuracy.
RIO Shopping mall
Interactive shopping mall app to provide customers with wayfinding and personalized notifications. Foot traffic analytics is collected to improve the mall performance.
Mobile wayfinding app that provides participants with indoor navigation at expo zone interactive indoor map and location-based reward program.
Mobile app for retail stores with location-based loyalty program. Customer engagement is significantly improved by special rewards for check-ins inside stores.

Partnerships and Collaborations

In the Navigine Partner Network, we sincerely value each participant and jointly deliver the best services for customers. We are always eager to create advanced indoor solutions through long-term partnerships.

Navigine works with:


Value-Added Resellers


Mobile Developers


Technology Companies


System Integrators

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