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Manufacturing is one of the most risky industries for human health and life. Compliance with safety requirements is not easy, and even small issues can cause irreparable damage to employees and your company's reputation. This is where manufacturing safety software comes to the rescue. It can track staff and assets in real time and improve worker safety.

Navigine is ready to provide an effective digital tracking platform to ensure staff safety. We offer multifunctional and easy-to-use tools that will allow you to monitor all aspects of an enterprise's activities and prevent possible incidents.

manufacturing safety software
Increasing the safety of your employees
This system increases the management's awareness of activity in various company areas (such as workshops, warehouses, etc.) and helps monitor compliance with safety regulations. It reduces emergency risks and identifies staff safety problems easily.
Getting real-time alerts
Built-in tools let you set up push notifications for incidents and send quick alerts to field workers. The system keeps you updated on events, allowing a timely response to emergencies.
Managing incidents effectively
Manufacturing safety software allows incident tracking and analysis for future prevention. Knowing the causes enables you to take measures to minimize worker injury risk.
Analyzing data to reduce risks
The system provides detailed reports on daily production workshop operations. Fast and accurate information collection simplifies incident prevention and improves workplace safety.
Solutions for industrial safety management
  • Real-time tracking of staff and equipment
  • Alerts and notifications, the SOS button
  • Controlling hazardous areas
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Incident reporting

Real-time tracking of staff and equipment

The manufacturing health and safety software provides managers with detailed information about the location of workers, vehicles, and industrial equipment. The business administration always knows where a specific asset or staff member is currently located and can track their movements in real time. Production monitoring not only improves the safety of production staff but also helps optimize plant operations.

  • Features:
  • detailed maps of the facility displaying key objects;
  • precise real-time positioning of staff, equipment, and tools;
  • advanced reporting and analytics (heatmaps, object reports, notification reports etc.).
  • Expected benefits:
  • intuitive interface for training and security management;
    constantly monitoring the location of dangerous equipment and vehicles;
    improving labor discipline;
    complying with health and labor safety requirements.

Alerts and notifications, the SOS button

The manufacturing staff safety platform allows for setting up a comprehensive notification system based on push notifications, which helps respond to incidents promptly and manage evacuation. Employees can also use an SOS button, which is installed using special tags. The signal from it is transmitted to engineers or safety workers at the facility. This way they can send help to the incident area promptly.

  • Features:
  • sound and light emergency signals;
  • push notifications about emergencies;
  • warnings about possible collisions with equipment or the likelihood of hitting an employee;
  • SOS button for calling emergency help.
  • Expected benefits:
  • promptly transmitting information to labor protection specialists;
    timely response to incidents;
    reducing the likelihood of accidents;
    improving communication between dispatchers and employees;
    effective evacuation management.

Controlling hazardous areas

Through manufacturing safety software, you can set the boundaries of certain zones within the facility for more effective control of hazardous areas. When a person enters a given territory, the system initiates certain actions - it tracks movements, collects information about the time of stay, controls entry and exit, and sends appropriate notifications to safety specialists and engineers. Thanks to this, you can reduce production risks and manage work processes more efficiently.

  • Features:
  • geofencing with granting access rights to certain staff members;
  • analytics of visiting dangerous zones (time of entry/exit, time of stay);
  • warning of unauthorized access to hazardous areas.
  • Expected benefits:
  • controlling workers visiting hazardous areas;
    improving the visibility of employees on the territory;
    minimizing risks to human life and public safety.

Environmental monitoring

Monitoring environmental parameters is especially important in hazardous industries and when working in confined spaces. This can increase the managers' awareness of the current situation at the facility, control any changes in the external environment, and send notifications to staff if they need to leave the danger zone in the event of an accident.

  • Features:
  • controlling air parameters in workshops (composition, temperature, humidity, etc.);
  • notifications about lack of oxygen or excessive emissions of gasses;
  • tracking employees in confined spaces.
  • Expected benefits:
  • maintaining proper working conditions;
    promptly identifying emergencies;
    timely response to changes in the external environment.

Incident reporting

Information about emergency incidents received through the platform can be used to prevent future occurrences. Management can determine the causes and take necessary measures to eliminate similar situations.

  • Features:
  • history of movements of equipment and staff;
  • controlling visits to restricted areas;
  • analyzing employee behavior, including heat maps.
  • Expected benefits:
  • automated security audit processes;
    optimizing internal logistics;
    minimizing costs associated with emergencies.
If you’re interested in reliable manufacturing health and safety software, please contact Navigine representatives to learn more about the monitoring system.
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Example of Implementation

Case brief: Implementing a tracking platform to ensure production safety using UWB technology.

Area of coverage: 100,000 sq ft.

Functionality: Security protocol monitoring, real-time staff location tracking, emergency response coordination, SOS button.

Number of tracked objects: 250 people.

Results: Increased compliance with safety requirements, reduced work accidents, and increased emergency response efficiency.

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