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Navigation and wayfinding in Museums & Visitors Tracking

Efficient indoor navigation solution to enhance the visitors' experience.

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Nowadays, audio and textual guides for museums have become quite old-fashioned, and it’s time to replace them and create a modern tool to engage the visitors. Using indoor navigation for museums, you'll be able to create a mobile tour guide with wayfinding in museums and push notification functions. iBeacon technology provides a rich set of instruments that improve user experience and make each visit to the museum enjoyable and unforgettable. Navigine has developed an efficient museum solution that is focused on enhancing the visitor experience and consists of four elements:

Wayfinding in Museums

Visiting the museum becomes more interactive and informative with the help of an assistant that shows visitors a way through complex exhibitions. Beacons in a museum are mapping its environment and present all exhibits in one convenient interface. Visitors can use the map in the smartphone, find specific halls and exhibits to visit, and apply real-time turn-by-turn exhibition navigation. In addition, after the integration of location-based technology, museums can create mini-tours for visitors according to their profile and interests, as well as an interactive museum guide.

  • Features:
  • quick update of the museum’s map and content;
  • functions of smart tour guide;
  • precise navigation for visitors;
  • building the shortest route to any exhibit.
  • Expected benefits:
  • enhancing mobile app user experience;
  • PR-positioning as a modern and advanced museum;
  • interactive map with exhibits catalog and exhibitions.

Targeted Push Notifications

Navigine installs museum beacons around the perimeter of the exhibition to provide museums with an opportunity of sending targeted push notifications. The capabilities of indoor navigation allow visitors to get explicit information about the closest showpieces by detecting their location with high accuracy. This helps to deliver relevant content directly to the visitor's smartphone. An interactive form of content, such as video, quiz, mini-games, and others extends user experience and increases loyalty.

  • Features:
  • adding more extensive content about the museum, its exhibits, services, and events;
  • implementation of the functions of the tour guide;
  • adding augmented reality, interactive mini-games, and quests for museum visitors.
  • Expected benefits:
  • users obtain complete information about the exhibits of the museum in a convenient format and at the right place and time;
  • sending location-based tips and offers to visitors;
  • additional marketing and sales channel.

Visitors Tracking

Location-based technology for a museum is a powerful analytical tool to identify the visitors and learn their behavior. By tracking the exhibition visitors using RTLS you get: average time spent at the exhibition, most popular exhibits, visitor preferences, and others. Using this information you can analyze the success of exhibitions and specific exhibits and make decisions on organization, placement, and staff management. By monitoring the visitors' flow, Navigine helps museums to improve the security, detect bottlenecks and take necessary actions on time.

  • Features:
  • monitor visitors flows by leveraging “heat maps” feature;
  • enhance visitor experience with locations based promotions and tips;
  • analyze visitor behavior and success of exhibitions and events.
  • Expected benefits:
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns;
  • segmentation of visitors on loyal, one-time, walking along;
  • improvement of security level.

Social Interaction

Social networking has become a vital component of mass culture. That's why social presence means a lot for the museum audience. By integration of social interaction elements, we connect museums with their visitors based on their location and interests. Now museums can use the mobile application as a direct channel of communication by informing visitors about future exhibitions, sending special events invitations, and offering discounts.

  • Features:
  • “find your friend on the map” function;
  • collection of feedback from visitors about the museum, exhibitions, and exhibits;
  • discussions of exhibits and exhibitions with other visitors.
  • Expected benefits:
  • timely warning of queues inside the venue;
  • connecting visitors who need assistance with museum staff members;
  • enhancing communication with visitors.

Kunstkamera is one of the largest and oldest ethnographic museums in the world. Navigine was selected as a proven solution provider to empower interactive museum mobile app with indoor positioning functions. Indoor navigation allows visitors to get explicit information about showpieces with outstanding accuracy. For Kunstkamera's project, we spent 2 days and installed 93 beacons for the museum.

Moscow Kremlin Museum - Armoury Chamber

Navigine has joined a project to develop a multimedia application for Moscow Kremlin Museum - Armoury Chamber. The app connects to the general museum database that stores information about more than 200 thousand exhibits. The precise tracking of museum or exhibition visitor location is detected using signals from Bluetooth tags. There were 125 beacons installed on the two floors (19 816 sq feet). The interactive mobile museum guide provides relevant information about the exhibit, based on the visitor’s location.

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