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Navigine - Digitizing 30+ railway stations
Digitizing 30+ railway stations

Case brief: mobile navigation system in railway stations

Area of coverage: 30+ railway stations

Tools used: 5К Bluetooth® beacon, Navigine SDK

Results: more than 5M total install base of mobile app, convenient service that helps passengers navigate, traffic analytics, creation of alternative routes for people with limited capabilities, integration of push notifications with tips and advertising materials

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Navigine - Navigation system for the largest technopark in Europe
Navigation system for the largest technopark in Europe

Case brief: indoor navigation inside the mobile application of the largest technopark

Area of coverage: 96 000 square meters

Tools used: Bluetooth® beacon, Navigine SDK

Results: the final app was designed to assist technopark’s guests and residents in indoor navigation, guiding them to the right office, floor, auditorium or dining room, providing with an opportunity to book a meeting room or make an appointment with colleagues.  

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Navigine - Car navigation without GPS
Car navigation without GPS

Case brief: navigating a car inside a tunnel without GPS signals

Tracked objects: cars

Tools used: Inertial Sensors, Navigine’s algorithms

Results: The car was driven on real roads as follows without GRS signals. Errorless than 30 m after 20 minutes of driving

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