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  • 特点:
  • 快速更新博物馆的地图和内容;
  • 智能导游功能;
  • 用户友好的导航和创建最短的路线到一个展览。
  • 预期的好处:
  • 手机app用户体验提升。
  • pr -定位为现代先进的博物馆。
  • 互动地图与展品目录和展览。

Navigine installs beacons around the perimeter of the exhibition to provide museums an opportunity of sending targeted push notifications. The capabilities of indoor navigation allow visitors to get explicit information about the closest showpieces by detecting their location with a high accuracy. This helps to deliver relevant content directly to the visitors smartphone. An interactive form of content, such as video, quiz, mini-games, and others extends user experience and increases the loyalty.

  • Features:
  • Adding more extensive content about the museum, its exhibits, services and events.
  • Implementation of the functions of the tour guide.
  • Adding augmented reality, interactive mini-games and quests for museum visitors.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Users obtain complete information about the exhibits of the museum in a convenient format and at the right place and time.
  • Sending of location-based tips and offers to visitors.
  • Additional marketing and sales channel.

Location-based technology for a museum is a powerful analytical tool to identify the visitors and learn their behavior. By tracking the visitors you can measure different insights: average time spent at the exhibition, the most attending places, visitor's interests and others. In this way, you can analyze the success of exhibitions and exhibits and make decisions on organization, placement and staff management. By monitoring the visitors' flow, Navigine helps museums to improve the security, detect bottlenecks and take necessary actions on time.

  • Features:
  • Monitoring of visitors flows, "heat maps".
  • Analysis influence of location based offers on mobile app users routes.
  • Analysis of visitors' behavior and success of exhibitions and events.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  • Segmentation of visitors on loyal, one-time, walking along.
  • Improvement of security level.

Social networking has achieved a high level of popularity and became a part of mass culture. That's why social presence means a lot for museum audience. By integration of social interaction element, we connect museums with their visitors based on their location and interests. Now museums can use the mobile application as a direct channel of communication by informing visitors about future exhibitions, sending special events invitations and offering discounts.

  • Features:
  • “Find your friend on the map” function.
  • Collection of feedbacks from visitors about the museum, exhibitions and exhibits.
  • Discussions of exhibits and exhibitions with other visitors.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Timely warning of the presence of large queues.
  • Connecting visitors who need assistance with museum staff members.
  • Enhancing communication with visitors.



Navigine已经加入了一个为莫斯科克里姆林宫博物馆——军械库室开发多媒体应用的项目。该应用程序连接到存储了20多万件展品信息的通用博物馆数据库。通过蓝牙信标和智能手机内部传感器的信号,可以检测到访问者的精确位置。两层楼(19 816平方英尺)安装了125个信标。交互式指南根据参观者的位置提供有关展品的相关信息。


探索室内定位和跟踪的力量 - 立即联系我们!


  • 快速、轻松的部署
  • 技术和硬件:通用跟踪解决方案
  • 精度:定位精度高达 0.1 英尺
  • 解决方案经过时间验证:上市 10 年,覆盖 3000 多栋建筑