Vehicle monitoring for service centers and car dealerships

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The auto vehicle location system is an innovative tool for monitoring and increasing the work efficiency of service stations. The contactless technology allows tracking auto service processes in real-time. It is widely used by many car services that care about their reputation and strive for effective management of production resources. Navigine offers clients a unique platform for automotive tracking within the territory of the service station. Modern geolocation solutions allow you to optimize staff performance and ensure high-quality service.

Vehicle monitoring

Important asset monitoring makes it possible to track and control remotely any production processes at service stations and dealers’ centers. The technology provides detailed information on the occupancy of maintenance zones, washes, transport diagnostic zones, which ensures their maximum workload and increases the company’s performance.

Navigine offers its clients a carefully worked out vehicle tracking system utilizing a rational use of geolocation solutions. Indoor navigation monitors the movement of any moving object. The solution makes it possible to perform traffic analytics, and build routes for moving vehicles around the territory of the service station.

The car positioning system uses Bluetooth® LE beacons that guarantee the high accuracy of transmitted data. Special algorithms which fix the object location in real-time are used in operation.

  • Features:
  • aggregation of information on the effectiveness of service processes (time spent by the object in various zones);
  • a quick search of vehicles and cars at service stations and parking lots;
  • targeted push-notifications on the occupancy of the working zone;
  • equipment performance evaluation;
  • preparation of analytical reports on vehicle movement;
  • visualization of objects on the map.
  • Expected benefits:
  • increasing profit due to rational use of working premises;
  • preventing the misuse of working space;
  • improving business processes;
  • ensuring the required level of safety for drivers and the staff;
  • optimizing the logistics inside the dealer center or service station.

Staff performance optimization

Thanks to the car positioning system from Navigine, it is possible to optimize the service station staff performance. We offer an effective centralized monitoring tool that ensures full control of service persons at working places and operational response to emergencies.

  • Features:
  • interactive map of the place with various access zones;
  • staff positioning on the map in real-time;
  • adjusting everyday tasks for the staff.
  • Expected benefits:
  • staff management optimization;
  • timely response to safety breaches or emergencies;
  • effective communication during emergency situations.

A car repair service center (CRSC) decided to optimized all business-processes in 2016. The total area of this CRSC is 5000 sq.m. with 200 parking slots and 10 working zones. After a thorough analysis managers identified some key problems: incoming cars were not properly registered, were sent to wrong parking slots and working zones, sometimes even lost while transporting, employees did not clearly understand, what was going on and with what car they should work in a particular period of time. In other words, this CRSC didn’t run like clockwork, lacked monitoring, control and common information systems.

The most relevant and efficient solution was offered by Navigine, which had been established as an indoor tracking system solution provider, but eventually developed into a multifunctional enterprise with a wide range of intelligent products. Navigine created a unique platform tracking all incoming cars in real time and controlling all operations with cars inside the repair service center.

Features and results

Navigine solution included 50 IoT gateways deployed to track up to 150 branded Bluetooth® LE tags. The platform enabled real-time car location tracking both indoors and outdoors, movement recording throught the shift for all cars, and alerting system to notify about expiring service terms and anomalies. Prior to entering the CRSC, each car is tagged by Bluetooth® LE tag. Navigine system automatically calculates time spent in a particular zone and notifies workers and managers, if a vehicle service takes longer than usual.

Navigine tracking platform identified the weaknesses in the workflow and opened doors to business optimization. The time spent on standard operations was reduced by up to 30%. The shared working interface ensured a chance to forecast and plan daily work load. The revenue increased due to optimizing costs on components, spare parts and consumables.

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