Car Positioning and Navigation System

A comprehensive powerful solution for accurate and smooth automotive navigation even in a GNSS-denied environment

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There is one big problem with all car navigators. They don’t work in tunnels, underground parking, or even near huge skyscraper in the city center. The majority of navigation systems are based on GNSS signals which is why they can’t identify a car in places where GNSS-denied environments.

Navigine developed a hi-tech solution that can solve this problem. Due to the reliable algorithm of inertial navigation, Navigine’s software ensures reliable positioning in the most remote areas.

New opportunities for automotive navigation systems

Special automotive navigation software from Navigine enhances the accuracy of a car’s positioning via cutting edge algorithms and data from internal sensors such as inertial sensors (gyroscopes and accelerometers), odometer, the angle of the steering wheel’ rotation, map, and route graph. This solution is easily implemented in onboard systems and assists in the quick positioning of vehicles in a GNSS-denied environment.

  • Features:
  • Expected benefits:
  • accurate and smooth automotive navigation;
  • quick positioning in areas without GNSS signal (underground parking, airports, etc);
  • instant positioning of a vehicle with “cold start”;
  • driving style analytics.
Software of indoor car positioning and auto vehicle location system

Navigine team assisted a solid technological integrator with an improvement of the onboard navigation system. Due to developed technological algorithms, a company obtained an opportunity to identify a car’s location in tunnels and parking.

Instant positioning with “cold start”

Navigine team created an algorithm for car’s positioning via inertial sensors (gyroscopes and accelerometers) as well as via odometer, the angle of the steering wheel’ rotation. This solution ensured instant positioning even with a “cold start” (the first start of a car after a long stop). Previously it had taken at least 1 minute to identify the accurate car position with a “cold start”, hi-tech software shortened this time to a few seconds. A system records location data before shutting the auto down and uses it after the start.

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