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Indoor positioning and navigation SDK by Navigine

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Navigine SDK

Navigine offers developers the SDK software package for indoor navigation. It is implemented into mobile apps for extending their functionality. Indoor navigation SDK from Navigine is a set of algorithms solving a wide range of location-based tasks. Using this system, one can create handy apps for smartphones on Android and IOS equipped with the indoor navigation function.

Features of applications equipped with Navigine SDK

The set of algorithms opens unlimited possibilities in tracking people and objects inside buildings. Thanks to these tools, advanced smartphone applications based on the iBeacon technology can be created. The key features:

Defining the location.
The exact location is defined using the external radio frequency infrastructure, human motion models and floor plans. Apart from beacons, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the system uses the internal sensors of smartphones (barometer, accelerometer, magnetic field sensor, etc.).
Step-by-step navigation in the smartphone interface in real time mode.
A route map with waypoints can be zoomed in and out; one can create an indoor map which can embrace all buildings and floors of the venue. Step-by-step instructions (which are automatically displayed and updated depending on the user’s position) allow orienting and moving easily along the building. The configuration and adjustment are carried out using the map editor, which ensures high flexibility in changing the content and visualization at any convenient time.
Building a route to any point on the map.
Routing by means of using the parameters of the beginning of the route and the destination is carried out via the route library. Indoor positioning SDK is possible both inside and outside buildings. Using vector maps instead of raster ones reduces loading time and provides autonomous possibilities for geolocation with an easy data set.
Push notification setting.
The platform supports push notifications.
Collecting geodata for analytics.
Multichannel data analysis allows detecting the attendance of the institution. The program provides clear traffic monitoring and helps to make correct management decisions.
Creating heat maps.
The program code provides a possibility to visualize data with displaying ‘heat’ spots on the map.

Benefits of using Navigine SDK

The SDK platform from Navigine allows developers to integrate indoor navigation functions into their applications. Using the system has the following advantages:

  • Technical support of developers.
  • Detailed instructions on implementing the code and setting the application with Navigine SDK.
  • Possibilities for prompt market entry with interesting offers for users.
Navigine SDK is an optimal solution in providing a wide range of services based on defining the exact location. The program code can help to develop effective mobile applications that will provide instant interaction with customers or clients by means of smartphones.

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