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Geolocation technology for organizers of entertainment and culture events.

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Organizing exhibitions, conferences and other events, companies strive to provide the best visitor experience. In this case they might want to try a dedicated mobile application which makes organization easier and more efficient. It’s so easy for visitors to get lost at the huge expo or spend much time in searching the certain booth. To avoid problems with navigation inside exhibition we recommend to use iBeacon technology that helps attendees see where they exactly are in the exhibit hall. Location based services for expo allows visitors to build a route to the desired location. A multifuncional app simplifies conferences management by providing opportunities to use mobile registration, to track visitors foot traffic with location based analytics, to send smart notifications about time and conference rooms. At the same time visitors gain such elevated benefits: indoor navigation for event, list of speakers and exhibitors, virtual guide to the conference, virtual exchanging of business cards, meetings reminders and others.

Our mission is to help satisfy any needs that may have visitors and organizers during big events, so our solution has four key elements:

Mobile Navigation

Most of the events suffer from the lack of location-based services. Detection of the current location on the huge expo floor plan or building routes to a certain booth greatly improves an event experience. Navigine enables visitors with a possibility to quickly plan and navigate at events venue and choose the best route with options like shortest or the most interesting route. With navigation inside the exhibition, organizers can highlight relevant information based on the user’s location and offer them a guided mini-tour according to their profile and interests.

  • Features:
  • precise navigation inside the venue;
  • creating a route to the desired booths and exhibitors;
  • functions of a tour guide.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Significant improvement of visitors experience.
  • PR positioning of an exhibition as an innovative event.
  • Significantly reduced time consumption for searching booths and exhibitors.
Targeted Push Notifications

Location-based services are ideal for large events as they enable attendees to get more extensive content about the event, its exhibitors, exhibits and speakers. Participants of the event receive targeted push notifications about speeches, time and conference rooms. As well as exhibitors may send messages with proposals of meetings or advertising based on the profile and localization of visitors. Thus exhibiting companies get an additional promotional tool that attracts potential customers and partners. Location-based services help forum organizers to get an additional revenue generation from exhibitors and tenants. Thanks to a cutting edge technology organizers, exhibitors and visitors both win.

  • Features:
  • location-based tips for visitors;
  • targeted advertising;
  • reminders about speeches, time and meetings.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Additional revenue generation from exhibitors and tenants.
  • Obtaining relevant information in a convenient format and at the right place and time.
  • New advertising channel for exhibitors.
Visitors Location-Based Analytics

What is the most effective way to evaluate the success of an event? The answer is quite obvious - a real-time analytics. Location-based services for event provide organizers access to a list of visitors, its presence (entrance/exit) and attendance at sessions. Geolocation technology makes analysis of visitors' behavior as easy as ABC. The event organizers are able to manage conference meetings using real-time information about space availability. As well they can use the data to monitor visitors flow and create "heat maps". Moreover, such analytical tool can accurately evaluate the effectiveness of mobile advertising campaigns and its influence on mobile app users routes.

  • Features:
  • monitoring of visitors flow, detecting "heat zones" on the map
  • analysis of location-based offers influence on visitors;
  • evaluation of the success of events.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Real-time analytics on customer behavior and promotion efficiency.
  • Precise analytics tool for real time visitors monitoring.
  • Measurement and optimization of ROI of marketing campaigns.
Social Interaction

Use the application as a loyalty card: inform about future exhibitions and events, send invitations and offer discounts to your visitors. We recommend to integrate an element of social interaction to the mobile app and become even more closer to users. Organizers can improve networking experience by using an innovative approach of exchanging contacts via mobile app. And for expanding the horizons of communication organizers can provide “find a friend on the map” function which is the best process of transitioning from online communication to offline interaction. Location-based services help event organizers to launch online discussions about exhibitions and collect feedback from visitors.

  • Features:
  • “find a friend on the map” function;
  • mobile exchanging of business cards;
  • feedback collection.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Expanding networking opportunities.
  • Increasement of visitors loyalty and engagement.
  • Direct link with representatives of the exhibition.
Open Innovation Forum

Navigine became an official provider of the indoor navigation for participants of the 5th annual Open Innovations Forum, which hosted more than 12 000 guests from 100 countries. In spite of a very strict deadline, setup of a navigation system, that included deployment of more than 350 beacons on 4 levels of Technopark Building (1.000.000+ sq. ft.) was completed in less than 3 days. Navigation inside venue helped participants easily find locations of sessions and build a route to them. Moreover, Navigine SDK transmitted analytical data in real time to event organizers for visualization of traffic and workload of different spaces.

SAP Forum

Navigine presented a mobile application for SAP Forum that worked for interaction with users and gathering analytics of their activities. The joint platform Navigine-SAP gave the possibility of implementing the following functions: navigation of visitors, integration with social networks, real-time analysis of foot traffic and visualization in the format of "heat maps". More than 1 000 visitors downloaded the app and got the advantages from the special loyalty program that was integrated in it.


For the 8th Navitech International Exhibit we created an application based on our indoor technologies. The application can show your position, guide you to any location. In addition, there is a feature of shared photostream from the exhibition so that visitors may see all pictures with precise geo tags.

Great Advertising Group

A marketing campaign for a beverage company that allowed skaters to draw pictures by having their movements tracked on Sokolniki ice rink using real-time location system by Navigine. To track the location of skaters we used Quuppa's BLE Locators which received the signals from tags (Bluetooth beacons) on skates. During the two-week campaign, 500+ individuals used the smart skates. However, the main source of advertising was YouTube, where the video garnered more than one million hits to date.

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