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Retail Store Mapping Software & Indoor Navigation

A comprehensive powerful platform to interact with customers and analyze supermarket consumer behavior using geodata.

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Sooner or later, each retailer has to face challenges when traditional POS marketing channels efficiency is decreasing. It may be caused by customers’ fatigue from regular discounts that are not customized to their needs. The lack of customer analytics doesn’t allow to personalize the shopping experience, and as a result, the business loses customers.

The latest worldwide trends reveal the high demand for proximity marketing in retail stores that improves conversion and frequency of visits and enhances targeted promotion campaigns. Navigine provides omnichannel solutions for retail that takes into account the interests of a store, present brands, and visitors. To cover this variety of needs our software for stores consists of five solutions:

Indoor Navigation & Product Search

We help retailers improve customer experience via customer location store mapping software, which provides product search inside stores. Visitors may use a mobile grocery store navigation app to plan their routes based on purchase lists, search information about brands, and select departments to go. It helps to increase customer engagement and loyalty that leads to additional revenues.

  • Features:
  • Interactive store mapping with points of interest (POI).
  • Wayfinding functions with the construction of paths to any POI.
  • Turn-by-turn in-store navigation with up to 3 feet accuracy at floor maps like in Google maps.
  • Analytics of supermarket consumer behavior.
  • Product search linked to interactive maps.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Improvement of mobile app user experience.
  • Direct communication channel to customers.
  • Marketing revenues through the premium search function.
Customer Traffic Analytics And Visitor Location Tracker

Customer data enables marketers to understand the cross-channel behavior of store visitors. Retailers need to have an accurate analytical tool that can demonstrate in-store customers’ journeys that in turn could be used to personalize a shopping experience. Navigine provides an indoor store mapping platform to monitor store visits with up to shelf accuracy and evaluate the efficiency of various marketing channels.

  • Features:
  • Analytics of visitors' behavior, including heat maps, flow maps.
  • Store visits, dwell time, visit frequency.
  • Segmentation of visitors on loyal, one-time, walking along.
  • Traffic sources and marketing channels efficiency.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Monitoring of visitors traffic, dwell time, repeat visits to stores and supermarkets, flow maps, heat maps.
  • Understanding in-store conversion and behavior, especially those who don’t buy.
  • Optimization of objects placed inside the store.
  • Measurement and optimization of ROI of marketing campaigns.
Marketing Communication

Using iBeacon technology (Bluetooth Low Energy for retail), marketers get an opportunity to deliver relevant, highly engaging content to consumers through a mobile store navigation app. It is possible to send instant greetings to the customers and getting their attention with information about current special offers, sales while being close to the proximity hot spots. With Navigine omnichannel platform retailers can easily set up proximity marketing campaigns and achieve better online advertising targeting.

  • Features:
  • Smart targeted push notifications via mobile applications.
  • Interactive assistance with the provision of complete product information.
  • Additional targeting using segmentation by location.
  • Online retargeting based on customer location data.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Extra sales and marketing channels to promote brands or products.
  • An increase in customer loyalty and consumer engagement.
  • A direct channel of communication with clients and a collection of feedback.
  • Efficiency improvement for targeted promotions in stores.
Staff Efficiency Tracking

Staff efficiency tracking is used to improve in-store productivity and protect corporate resources. iBeacon technology allows an enterprise to monitor employee activities and control worker engagement according to a prescribed schedule. With such a solution employers will get transparent control of outsourcers assignments and improved coordination process. Depending on a particular case, employers can set up automatic notifications related to movements: zone border crossing based on zone segmentation, long-term presence/absence in a given zone, deviation from allowed speed, and others.

  • Features:
  • Real-time indoor navigation in store for employees.
  • Mobile communication channel for staff members.
  • Real-time adjustment of daily assignments.
  • Assistance in quick decision-making in cases of emergency accidents.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Reduction of staff assignments completion time.
  • Improvement of effectiveness in communication between employees including extraordinary situations.
  • Improvement of customer service quality.
  • Improvement of security and safety level.
Cart Tracking

Navigine offers a cart tracking solution to easily find products in stores. The navigation system built into the tablet on the grocery cart will allow you to build a convenient route to the desired shelves with goods. You just need to enter the name of the product and the object you need will be displayed on the digital map of the tablet.

The system of tracking carts in the store also allows you to ensure the safety of assets - prevents theft, damage to equipment. You can easily track your assets inside the store.

  • Features:
  • Tracking cart in real-time.
  • Building a convenient route to steelworks with products.
  • A quick search for the right products.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Reducing the cost of purchasing lost carts.
  • Increasing the efficiency of the delivery service employees (due to the quick search for goods).
  • Decrease in crowds.
Hamley’s Toystore

Into this app, we have integrated the loyalty program which includes special rewards to customers after visiting a store and answering a quiz. Navigine Platform increased user engagement and social interaction. Customers are excited about the app and promote Hamley’s brand via sharing with friends.


«Smart trolley» with Navigine platform works as a precise navigator for shoppers, providing the most efficient routes, based on the customer’s grocery list. This tablet app based on the Navigine SDK helps consumers to navigate through the store, get smart notifications about special offers, and search specific products.

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