Indoor Asset Tracking System

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Navigine Indoor-Outdoor Asset Tracking Solution

Navigine Tracking is an equipment tracking web-based platform and employee-monitoring system that allows to effectively address safety and workflow optimization. The RTLS platform is a set of tools that developers can also apply to create web services for indoor asset tracking, employees, and vehicles. Navigine provides detailed recommendations about the installation and configuration of the real time asset tracking system, offers high-quality technical support and regular system updates.

Asset tracking solution


Indoor asset tracking system
Using the platform, plant management can track assets, equipment, vehicles, tools, and staff in real-time. The platform allows to create interactive maps of the facility, enable advanced reporting and geofencing.
The Navigine tracking platform supports real-time notifications with vital operational information. The notifications can be messages related to routine tasks, emergency announcements, etc. The expected benefit is a direct communication channel between managers and employees.
Employee location tracking in dedicated work zones
The platform provides a list of employees present on the shop floor. It helps to control the workload of any worker and adjust work tasks in real-time.
Monitoring in hazardous zones
Using the system, managers can clearly define when an employee entered the hazardous zone. Such functionality allows to significantly improve safety levels and speed up incident reporting.
Logistics process optimization
The asset monitoring program has the built-in function of moving vehicle positioning in real time. The RTLS can track vehicles and build transport routes.
Navigine wireless asset tracking platform supports advanced reporting and analytics. Location-based reporting includes history of movement, clocking time spent in different zones, and defining the places with the highest and lowest traffic. Thanks to a detailed analysis, one can reduce the number of emergencies and optimize workflow.
Customizing software to the client’s needs
The commercial indoor tracking platform can be easily customized to the client’s needs. It is suitable for applying to any object, no matter which sphere it is - production, medicine, retail, etc. Navigine engineers are ready to adapt the service layout and functionality according to the specific requirements of the client and also integrate the software into existing applications.


Real-time tracking by Navigine Tracking Platform allows the performance to be improved by getting the exact location of physical assets (objects, persons, equipment). Using this platform, clients get several significant benefits:

  • Safety at work.
  • A quick search for people, transport, and equipment.
  • Adjusting the workload of employees.
  • Working time management.
  • Use our real-time asset tracking API to easily integrate the location of tracked assets into your asset management solutions.
  • Timely notification of emergencies.
  • Possibility of people flow management.
  • Automatic warning about unfavorable working conditions (for example, high concentrations of dangerous gases in the workshop or in the mine).
RTLS tracking system
Indoor Object Positioning
Real-time alerts
Real-time Alerts
Asset monitoring
Track Assets History


The asset location tracking platform includes the following software components:

Application Web
Application Web
software intended for working with location data

Additional components are necessary for working with the system, including:

Wearable equipment
Wearable equipment
a wide range of devices (person tracker device, smartphone, smart watch, etc.) which are used for defining the location of objects, data, and voice transmission.
Stationary infrastructure
Stationary infrastructure
provides data exchange between personal tags and other access points.
Applying Navigine Tracking to your company will allow you to create new and cutting-edge web services that meet the needs of the end user and the current market trends

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Why Navigine?

Hardware agnostic platform

We are able to use different equipment on our platform depending on your business tasks, budget and the required level of positioning accuracy

Technology agnostic platform

Our platform can work with different types of technologies like iBeacon, Wi-Fi, UWB, etc.

Quick and easy deployment and scaling

The Navigine platform allows you to quickly and remotely deploy and scale a solution

High accuracy with less infrastructure

Navigine algorithms allow less hardware to be used without sacrificing positioning accuracy compared to other solutions

Strong R&D team

Our team has over 15 years of experience in the development of navigation systems. The team consists individuals with a Ph.D. in Mathematics and Physics and highly qualified project managers

Works inside and outside

In our platform, you can set up seamless switching from indoor to outdoor

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