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Indoor asset tracking by Navigine

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Navigine Tracking

Navigine Tracking is a system for indoor asset tracking and employee monitoring which allows solving effectively the issues of indoor navigation for safety and workspace optimization. The platform is a set of tools that developers can apply for creating web-services for tracking assets, employees and vehicles. Navigine offers clients high-quality technical support, provides detailed recommendations on installing and setting the system, and everything that is necessary for complete and stable performance of Navigine Tracking.

Possibilities of Navigine Tracking Platform

The system includes a number of solutions aimed at increasing safety at work, reducing costs and emergency situations, optimizing enterprise performance.

Tracking assets in real time.
Using the platform, the enterprise management gets a possibility to track objects or employees' location in real-time. The program creates interactive maps of the place with different access zones and the function of saving the history of motion inside and outside the building.
The implementation of the platform into the asset monitoring system allows sending push-notifications with any necessary information to employees. They can be messages connected with working tasks, important announcements, etc. The expected benefit is direct communication between managers and employees, which significantly simplifies and accelerates business processes.
Defining the list of employees in certain zones.
The platform provides a full list of employees who are in definite rooms or the chosen location. It helps in controlling the workload of any worker and adjusting working tasks in real time. The technology copes well with the tasks of fixing if employees stay in special access zones.
Fixing the time of entering dangerous zones.
By means of this system, managers can clearly define when an employee entered the forbidden zone. It increases safety of work, prevents unauthorized penetration of the staff into special zones, ensures the decrease in the number of emergency situations.
Logistics process optimization.
The program has the built-in function of moving vehicle positioning in real time. The system is able to track vehicles and build transport routes.
Navigine Tracking collects data for analyzing the performance of the enterprise. Location based data analytics includes the history of the staff and equipment movement, fixing the time spent by employees in different zones, defining places with the highest and lowest traffic. Thanks to a detailed analysis, one can reduce the number of emergency situations and optimize the internal logistics.
Customizing software to the client’s needs.
The platform can be easily customized to client’s needs. It is suitable for applying at any object, no matter which sphere it is - production, medicine, retail, etc. Navigine engineers are ready to adapt the service layout and functionality according to the specific requirements of the client and also integrate the software into already existing applications.

Benefits of Navigine Tracking Platform

Navigine Tracking allows improving the performance by getting the exact localization of assets (objects, persons, equipment). Using this platform, clients get a wide range of significant benefits:

  • Safety at work.
  • Quick search of persons, transport, equipment.
  • Adjusting employees’ workload.
  • Working time management.
  • Timely notification about emergency situations.
  • Possibility of people flow management.
  • Working time management.
  • Automatic warning about unfavorable working conditions (for example, high concentration of dangerous gases in the workshop or in the mine).

Components of Navigine Tracking System

The platform includes the following components:

Application Web
Application Web
software intended for working with data

Additional components are necessary for working with the system, including:

Wearable equipment
Application Server
a wide range of devices (person tracker device, smartphone, smart watch, etc.) which are used for defining the location of objects, data and voice transmission. The equipment can be wearable (with its own power sources and a possibility of being attached to the clothes) or built-in (integrated into other devices).
Stationary infrastructure
Application Web
provides data exchange between personal tags and other access points.
Applying Navigine Tracking in your company will let you create new and cutting-edge web-services that comply with the end user’s requirements and the current market tendencies.

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