Airport Navigation System

Indoor airport navigation software helps reduce visitor stress and improve the efficiency of airport staff.

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How can Navigine help airports?

Airport navigation system plays an important role in the work of the transport hub. The implementation of the geolocation system for the navigation app for airport provides passengers with effective mobile support that reduces stress while traveling. The airport wayfinding system simplifies the search of gates for boarding and helps to find fast the points of interest, which improves visitor loyalty and increases the airport profit.

Navigine provides airports with universal solutions in indoor navigation using iBeacon, Wi-Fi. Convenient tools for creating mobile apps have a wide range of functionality and help to optimize the airport performance for enhancing the quality of customer service.

Airport navigation & wayfinding

The problems connected with finding terminals, shops, and other premises adversely affect the general impression of the airport performance. Passengers experience stress and get negative emotions from a trip. In such situations, the airport wayfinding apps are here to help you. The indoor navigation system for airports allows visitors to plan their movement around the transport hub more effectively just using a simple smartphone.

  • Features:
  • digital airport navigation maps with points of interest;
  • building short and convenient routes to the necessary objects;
  • step-by-step indoor airport navigation around the halls and terminals.
  • Expected benefits:
  • improving client loyalty and interest;
  • enhancing user experience in using the mobile application;
  • saving time for finding the required objects.

Sending push notifications

The technology offers the possibility of sending personalized push notifications to clients. Based on the passenger’s location, the interactive airport navigation system generates targeted messages that can contain advertisements, weather forecasts, time of departure, menus from cafés, etc. On the way to the required object, the passenger receives the individual offers from the shops that he’s passing by at the moment.

  • Features:
  • targeted advertisements via the airport mobile app;
  • visitor support based on their location;
  • reminders of departure time, flight delays, etc.
  • Expected benefits:
  • increased sales of goods and specialized services;
  • additional income from companies-tenants;
  • provision of useful information in a convenient form for a client.

Tracking airport internal processes

The platform can help to track the airport assets, equipment, and staff. Wayfinding in airports using iBeacon, Wi-Fi allows monitoring the airport personnel in real-time to ensure the proper execution of their duties. Moreover, the technology implementation makes it possible to guarantee passenger safety and deliver them urgent notifications in case of emergencies or mass evacuation.

  • Expected benefits:
  • improved quality of service;
  • quick response to emergencies;
  • increased occupational safety;
  • adjustment of work tasks in real-time.

Getting analytical reports

The ‘smart airport’ system offers the airport management detailed passengers analytics for taking effective managerial decisions. The complex analysis allows optimizing passenger flows in the transport hub.

  • Features:
  • visitor behavior analytics with building heat maps;
  • defining the fact of visiting certain stores;
  • analyzing the impact of push notifications on visitors’ routes;
  • assessing the time spent in the queues to check-in desks, booking offices, and other objects.
  • Expected benefits:
  • passenger flows management;
  • possibility to optimize the transport hub performance;
  • defining the profitability of marketing campaigns;
  • increased profit of airlines, service providers, and retailers.

Example of Implementation

Airport wayfinding

Case brief: airport navigation app with indoor wayfinding features and sending push notifications to visitors based on iBeacon.

Area of coverage: 100 000 s.m.

Functionality: indoor airport navigation system, passengers analytics, push notifications.

Results: increasing visitor loyalty, reducing unforeseen situations at the airport.

Cost: $1000/month (excluding the development of a mobile application).

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  • Solution proved over time: 10 year on the market with over 3000 buildings covered