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Equipment losses, thefts of fuel and construction materials, and other contingencies regularly occur on building sites, which negatively affect construction companies. Organizations constantly bear losses that reduce profit and impair work efficiency. To avoid these problems and significantly cut expenses on contingencies, the construction site can be supplemented with asset tracking systems to get notified of the exact assets location and monitor the work process. 

Navigine specializes in developing systems for object positioning and construction tracking. We offer our customers effective tools to track dump trucks, excavators, forklifts, and other equipment on building sites. Using our solution, it is possible to prevent property losses and get real data on object location.

Get hold of assets
Employing RTLS technologies can optimize construction sites’ asset management, providing real-time data about assets’ location and movement. Staff can easily find all valuable objects, reducing time spent on searching
Ensure staff safety
Construction sites can be integrated with an emergency tracking system to easily monitor emergencies and minimize costs allocated for industrial accidents. Each employee can wear special tags that can provide information to managers about emergencies
Employ comprehensive analytics
There are a lot of location-based features that can be employed by staff of for comprehensive analytics. The system can provide you with a real-time data on staff workflow and performance, vehicle movement heatmaps and many others
Prevent thefts onsite
Construction site are an easy place to steal from. With Navigine tracking platform, staff can easily monitor asset movement in real time, preventing thefts of fuel, tools, wheeled loaders and towables
Solutions of Indoor Positioning and Asset Tracking for Construction Sites
  • Construction assets tracking onsite
  • Construction site safety
  • Theft prevention onsite
  • Analytical data provision

Construction assets tracking onsite

Navigation and positioning systems can help perform object monitoring on building sites. The sensors constantly provide information about asset location and help detect them on the map. Users can immediately find the nearest vehicles on site, get notified once the vehicle left the site, what tasks were performed and when. The construction equipment tracking system allows creating optimal routes for each type of transport, helps prevent the misuse of assets, and reduces equipment costs.

  • Features:
  • track certain objects inside buildings or on the territory;
  • locate equipment;
  • track construction tools downtime;
  • select the most optimal route for each vehicle.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Optimization of construction and business processes onsite
    Significant reduction of expenses on equipment
    Cost-effective planning of vehicle usage

Construction site safety

The use of the construction positioning system helps improve the site safety and mitigate the risk of emergencies. The platform enables detecting the position of transport, tracking different types of vehicles and equipment, as well as analyzing their location in real-time. Positioning makes it possible for managers to significantly improve the efficiency of work processes and notify the staff in advance about emergencies or unexpected situations.

  • Features:
  • positioning of moving objects on the map;
  • warning on vehicle collisions;
  • notifying about the risks of hitting a person.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Minimization of emergencies
    Real-time detection and timely response to emergencies
    Improvement of staff safety by employing special tags

Theft prevention onsite

The system ensures construction tool tracking and helps with the search in case of loss. Moreover, the platform enables the localization of assets and detects if the tool is leaving the dedicated area.

  • Features:
  • valuable asset tracking;
  • lost equipment search.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Reduction of expenses spent on unnecessary purchases of tools
    Tracking of movement of all assets in real time
    Reduction of time spent on searching for tools and loaders

Analytical data provision

Construction tracking systems allow gathering analytics about equipment movements in real-time and generate detailed reports. The platform not only performs indoor positioning on construction sites but also gathers information about the vehicle traffic. This data will be later delivered to users’ smartphones or computers, and the managers are always aware of who and when uses the vehicles, where the equipment was at a definite moment, or where it went.

  • Features:
  • equipment traffic analysis with the movement trajectory around the construction site and the issues of unauthorized departure from site;
  • history of movements.
  • Expected benefits:
  • Optimization of construction processes
    Reduction of downtime costs
    Staff and vehicle workload analytics
    Reduction of emergency response time
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