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Deploy indoor navigation solution with the Navigine Demo Kit

Demo kit includes
The features you get:
  • Real-time positioning
  • Push notifications
  • Analytics collection
You will receive:
  • 10 BLE beacons
  • Three-month access to the Navigine platform

Partners who trust us

Hewlett Packard

Use cases

Navigine - Increasing the average check by 6% using indoor navigation
Navigine - Reducing the time for operations by up to 30% in a car repair service
Navigine - 20% increase in labor efficiency at the power plant
Navigine - Increase warehouse productivity by 5%
Navigine - New Era For Museums Empowered By Indoor Navigation
Navigine - Digitizing 30+ railway stations
Navigine - Navigation system for the largest technopark in Europe
Navigine - Car navigation without GPS


The Navigine solution provides a very simple and intuitive tool that can be easily used by any person with basic computer skills.
Usually an implementation can be done within just a few days. Please check the process description in our manual
Yes, if you want to change the components of the demo kit, you can email us
We do offer basic support for customers who ordered a demo kit.
You can refer to our guide or watch a series of videos on the implementation of the system

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