Industrial Asset Tracking

Comprehensive powerful navigation and industrial asset tracking system for safety improvement and manufacturing efficiency enhancement.

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Modern enterprises and industry facilities are constantly looking for new tools to enhance business efficiency and manufacturing processes which in the end results in reduced costs. Nowadays all manufacturers, operating in the time of the 4th industrial revolution, need to accumulate more and more real-time data to identify and evaluate the output of each particular employee, to set up the most appropriate workload, to decrease production costs per unit, and to reduce the number of work accidents. And so-called RTLS in manufacturing, like indoor navigation, is one of the most promising technologies for this.

Navigine offers a range of advanced solutions tailored for industrial environments. Navigine products serve the purpose of improving industrial workplace safety and increasing labor efficiency.

Navigine leverage AI-driven technologies and tools to deliver the best solutions for manufacturing and other industries.

indoor positioning and asset tracking for manufacturing
Ensure work efficiency
By employing RTLS technologies enterprises can improve working efficiency of employees, digitalizing various processes, creating a new instruments for workflow productivity analytics and getting a full picture of a work-day
Always stay in the loop
Understanding how employees and service personnel fulfill their duties in a factory can help enterprises in optimizing working resources and resolving issues by monitoring staff and outstaff workflow
Get hold of valuables
There are a lot of valuable vehicles and equipment that can be lost or stolen in a factory. With asset tracking, staff can easily monitor location of all valuables and also get relevant information, such as equipment number and purchase date.
Solve safety-related issues
By employing asset tracking technologies, enterprises can create situation awareness, detecting security-related challenges, creating special heat maps of indoor movement. RTLS-powered systems can contribute to mitigating risks to public safety and health
Asset Tracking for Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing asset tracking
  • Staff and assets motion analytics

Manufacturing asset tracking

Get detailed information about the location of your assets in the manufacturing plant: track your equipment, vehicles in real-time, pallet, and forklift. Information on any object movement is available in the use-friendly web-interface. You can create and customize reports based on the positioning data. Manufacturing assets tracking system enables businesses to effectively automate and optimize operations. Furthermore, the Navigine platform boosts overall efficiency and sends smart notifications about unexpected situations or production risks.

  • Features:
  • interactive maps of manufacturing buildings with an opportunity to build the most optimized route for every vehicle;
  • real-time positioning of enterprise vehicles;
  • the exact positioning of any asset;
  • AI-powered instruments for asset tracking;
  • factory inventory and security monitoring system;
  • preventive signals in case of emergency.
  • Expected benefits:
  • industrial workplace safety improvement
    energy and network costs reduction
    assets movement management
    internal logistics optimization for factories

Staff and assets motion analytics

A real-time motion system for smart manufacturing that provides useful data and analytics to support deliberate management decisions and enhancement of business efficiency. The industrial tracking platform allows to record every worker’s history of movements and location, monitor traffic, and simplify communication between staff members.

  • Features:
  • every worker’s or vehicle’s history of movements;
  • real workload analytics;
  • attendance monitoring;
  • preventive signals in case of emergency;
  • interactive maps of manufacturing buildings with zones of different accessibility;
  • analytics of worker behavior, including heat maps, flow maps.
  • Expected benefits:
  • industrial workplace safety improvement
    work discipline improvement
    labor costs reduction
    increase in overall labor efficiency

Industrial Tracking UWB Kit

Try all location-powered capabilities with the Navigine Industrial Tracking UWB Kit

Industrial Tracking UWB Kit
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Example of Implementation

RTLS in industry

Case brief: manufacturing tracking software using iBeacon, Wi-Fi technologies

Area of coverage: 10 000 s.m.

Functionality: manufacturing process optimisation, industrial assets tracking, push notifications to keep staff safe

Number of tracked objects: 300

Results: increasing the level of industrial workplace safety, incident reaction time decreased

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  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Technology and Hardware: Universal tracking solution
  • Precision: up to 0.1 feet accuracy of localisation
  • Solution proved over time: 10 year on the market with over 3000 buildings covered