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Stadiums and other sports facilities have evolved beyond being mere venues for competitions. Today, they stand as modern entertainment hubs, underscoring the importance of delivering a seamless visitor experience. Navigine's indoor navigation and "points of interest" search tools specifically address this need.

In the realm of sports, teams and coaches require advanced sports tracking technologies to monitor athletes' performance for in-depth analysis of their gameplay, tactics, and physical condition. Navigine's comprehensive real-time positioning solution provides the ideal answer to these needs.

Increased safety for visitors and staff
The real-time tracking system improves the safety of visitors and staff at sports venues. Using it allows you to optimize the flow of people and promptly send notifications of incidents to the stadium staff.
High-quality sports data analytics
The digital RTLS platform helps track the movement of athletes on the field during the game. In the future, the information obtained will be efficiently used for subsequent analysis of the game, improving its tactics and strategy.
Improved fan experience
A mobile application with a navigation system opens up wide opportunities for interaction with fans. With this technology, it’s possible to involve them in the life of the sports complex and provide relevant content based on their current location and previously visited objects within the stadium.
Income increase
When implementing the system into the infrastructure of a sports facility, you can get an additional channel for advertising games, partners, and various events. Information is provided in a convenient format, which increases visitor loyalty to the stadium. Statistics show that new marketing opportunities increase business profitability by an average of 20%.
  • Sports Stadium Wayfinding
  • Push notifications
  • Sports tracking system
  • Fan engagement

Sports Stadium Wayfinding

Navigine system works with digital maps of the stadium to enable smooth navigation by means of beacons installed within the building. Thanks to this stadium wayfinding, visitors can easily find the necessary tribunes, build routes to shops, cafes, and other premises. All the user needs is an app, powered by Navigine SDK. 

  • Features:
  • accurate navigation along sports facilities;
  • building routes to the necessary point;
  • visitor flow monitoring.
  • Expected benefits:
  • improving user experience
    analytics in real-time
    increasing visitor and staff safety

Push notifications

Navigine system can send targeted push notifications based on the positiong or proximity to a given venue. Make sure that all can be found and nothing left unnoticed by the fans. 

  • Features:
  • sending tips to users based on their location;
  • event reminders;
  • targeted advertisement from event partners, companies, brands.
  • Expected benefits:
  • higher loyalty to sports facilities thanks to the information in a user-friendly form
    increasing attendance of commercial objects in the stadium by 15%
    getting a new channel of communication
    boosting business profitability by 20% by attracting visitors

Sports tracking system

Navigine provides sports teams with a range of analytical tools for collecting data on athletes' movements and actions through its sports tracking system. The team tracking app facilitates access to information such as players' speed, time spent in specific zones, and more. The player tracking system offers user-friendly analytics of the team's performance, aiding in the identification of crucial moments impacting game results and determining the most valuable players for the team.

  • Features:
  • tracking sportsmen movements and state;
  • player behavior analysis in real time. 
  • Expected benefits:
  • possibility to analyze the game tactics for further optimization
    assessing the performance of team players and athletes
    athlete performance solution

Fan engagement

Thanks to the Navigine system, visitors can use the mobile application to interact with their friends, team, or fellow fans. The fan engagement technology makes it possible to involve fans into the life of the stadium and provides relevant information according to their location and interests. 

  • Features:
  • unite users leveraging their location in real-time;
  • additional engagement for fans.
  • Expected benefits:
  • new content for users
    bring interaction with fans to the next level
    get insights on fans engagement during and after the game
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