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The Navigine Partnership program

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At Navigine, we are professionals in the RTLS field. With over 3,000 unique facilities covered with our solutions, we are confident in the technology and the products we provide. We are always seeking to extend our partnership network to deliver cutting-edge indoor positioning solutions worldwide. We see Hardware providers, System integrators, Mobile Developers, IT consulting companies, and IoT solution developers as our key partners.

Our key focus is to provide the technology and expertise to our partners so that they can apply this in projects worldwide.
Alexey Panyov

To ensure your success the Navigine team is ready to assist with

Pre-sale consulting
Project planning
Remote support during implementation

The tools we provide:

Our expertise and onboarding

Additionally, we have prepared marketing materials and activities such as presentations, video
overviews and on-demand webinars to assist our partners in development of new opportunities.

What our partners say

They do the last meter instead of the last mile.

Esther Dyson

HICCup, Founder

Esther Dyson

Navigine is a trustworthy solution provider partner with vast experience in building and implementing beacon-based positioning solutions, a well-established and complete toolset, an accurate and easy-to-manage system and outstanding service.

Rafal Trjanski, Sales Director

Rafal Trjanski

Navigine is one of the most prominent high-tech company with their high-tier indoor positioning technology and a strong vision on how to resolve clients' challenges in multiple industries.

Pekka A. Viljakainen

AII Corporation, Member of the board

Pekka A. Viljakainen

Navigine is our technology partner implementing solutions with a complete tool set for an accurate and manage system and excellent service.

Christoffer Segercrantz

Quuppa, VP sales, Europe

Christoffer Segercrantz

Development of a local ecosystem – one of tasks in our strategy. We are very glad to partner with Navigine. The platform of tracking is compatible to access points of Huawei now.

Xiao Haijun

the CEO of Huawei Enterprise in the region Eurasia

Xiao Haijun

Navigine's extensive experience in the development of RTLS indoor positioning systems has helped us quickly and efficiently develop a contact tracing solution and improve workplace safety during Covid-19. The system helped doing business during this difficult time. We are very excited for our collaboration!

Sandeep Kaul

Chief Executive Officer at Hipla Technologies

Sandeep Kaul

How does it work?

Introductory conversation with our partnerships manager
Evaluation of opportunities
Access to the Navigine products and materials
Successful project delivery

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