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Case brief: assets tracking and staff navigation at the power plant using Wi-Fi and ibeacon technologies

Area of coverage: 10 000 square meters

Functionality: navigation and wayfinding, real-time tracking, preventive alerts in a case of emergency

Number of tracked objects:300

Results: safety level improvement, incident reaction time decreased, indoor logistic optimization

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Case brief: turn-by-turn navigation system for better wayfinding to any POI and important equipment at the hospital using ibeacon technologies

Area of coverage: 8 000 square meters

Functionality: interactive maps of hospitals with rooms and amenities, location-based notifications depending on needs, navigation to medical equipment

Number of tracked objects:500

Results: reduced time consumption for staff, improved patients and staff communication, history of an object

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Case brief: mobile application for the railway system with indoor navigation through train stations

Area of coverage: 20 000 square meters

Functionality: useful information for commuters, real-time passenger traffic analytics, the additional revenue stream from hubs tenants

Results: improvement of passenger experience for travelers, advanced foot traffic statistics

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Case brief: tracking products and vehicles in real-time to optimize warehouse operations

Area of coverage: 15 000 square meters

Functionality: movement tracking system of specific assets (pallets, forklifts, e.g.) using beacons deployment, asset motion analytics

Number of tracked objects:400

Results: optimisation of business processes, savings on staff and vehicle costs, reduction of time on standard operations - up to 30%

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Case brief: mobile app for marketing analytics and push notifications based on location

Area of coverage: 5 000 square meters

Functionality: analysis of consumer behavior, geo-based push notifications, the extra channel for marketing communication

Results: information about visits to collect analytics, integrated loyalty program for visitors, up to 6% average check growth

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