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Navigine team supports the Open Source initiative by offering part of the algorithms for building navigation and indoor tracking. We believe that our code could bring significant benefits to third-party software developers. We regularly test new R&D activities to create extremely precise navigation systems.

Navigine’s mission in relation to Open Source is to act as experts in the field of navigation algorithms.

Navigation algorithms for easy integration
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At the moment, our GitHub repository of navigation algorithms includes:

  • iOS and Android Pedometer algorithm: estimates moment of persons' steps and thier length based on reading from accelerometer
  • Complementary filter algorithm: evaluates orientation in space by fusing data from gyroscope, magnetometer and acceleromete
  • Position estimator: gives current location as the position of nearest transmitter, based on the readings of the RSSI (a RSSI based algorithm for indoor localization).
  • GNSS navigation: Integrates GNSS positioning with an indoor solution to provide smooth transitioning between indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Radiomap localization: Provide an opportunity to create a navigation system without any additional equipment by measuring the radio map of the area and then using it as a reference for a KNN algorithm.
  • Solution postprocessing: Smoothing solution or fitting it to the predefined graph to get better visually pleasing results.


  • How can I use your code in mobile applications? You can consult with our expert on this by sending email message to
  • How often do you push new pieces of code to the repository Once a month
  • What accuracy can I reach using your algorithms? From 0.5 to 10 meters depending on selected technology

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